Fungicides China News 1705

Title:Fungicides China News 1705
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Publish date:2017-05-27

Two famoxadone mixtures get on the‘last bus' for temporary registration

In April 2017, two famoxadone mixtures were successfully approved for temporary registrations, according to the Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals, Ministry of Agriculture. They are dimethomorph•famoxadone 40% SC from Jiangxi Zhonghe Chemical Co., Ltd. (Jiangxi Zhonghe) and famoxadone•pyraclostrobin 30% WG from Shaanxi Weierqi Crop Protection Co., Ltd. (Shaanxi Weierqi). Notably, according to the new Regulations on Pesticide Administration, which will come into force on 1 June, 2017, temporary registration of pesticide will be canceled. The two famoxadone mixtures luckily got on the "last bus" for temporary registration.

On 10 April, Jiangxi Zhonghe was approved for the temporary registration of dimethomorph•famoxadone 40% SC (20% dimethomorph+20% famoxadone, registration No. LS20170204 ) which will be applied on potato for the prevention and treatment of late blight. This is actually the first mixture between dimethomorph and famoxadone in China.

Also on 10 April, Shaanxi Weierqi was approved for the temporary registration of famoxadone•pyraclostrobin 30% WG (15% famoxadone+15% pyraclostrobin, registration No. LS20170208) which will be applied on grape for the prevention and treatment of downy mildew. This is also the first mixture between famoxadone and pyraclostrobin in China.

In addition, as of late April, all 15 famoxadone formulations are mixtures. Prior to this, the active ingredients contained in the mixtures included cymoxanil, mancozeb, azoxystrobin and fluquinconazole, and registered products were mainly applied for the prevention and treatment of cucumber downy mildew, tomato early blight, tomato late blight, potato early blight, potato late blight, pepper blight, watermelon anthracnose, Chinese cabbage black spot, grape downy mildew, tangerine citrus scab, apple alternaria leaf spot, apple ring rot, banana brown spot and jujube rust.

As an efficient fungicide that can be applied on multi-crops, famoxadone is now one of popular fungicides researched domestically and internationally. It is a safe fungicide without cross resistance and featured with high activity, wide spectrum and unique mechanism of action. Famoxadone is also highly efficient and helps resolve resistance problems of systemic fungicides by mixing with them. DuPont is the first enterprise that has registered famoxadone products in China, while domestic enterprises have not registered until the year of 2013 (repacking registration excluded).

In recent years, famoxadone has been rapidly developed in China. At present, famoxadone is one of products promoted and popularised by the National Agro-technical Extension and Service Center and also procured by Chinese governments for the prevention and treatment of rice blast. It is estimated that more and more enterprises will begin to develop it or develop its mixture with other efficient fungicides.

However, famoxadone TC producers in China are not enough and the total capacity is very limited, therefore, there is a big opportunity in the market of pesticide technical. In this context, quite a lot of enterprises are paying much attention on the famoxadone TC development so as to capture larger markets. In 201 6, Anhui Guangxin Agrochemical Co., Ltd. (Guangxin Agrochemical) invested USD55.24 million (RMB380.90 million) in 1,200 t/a famoxadone project. and disclosed that it would not only run for the technical market but also develop more effective formulations in the future, despite no famoxadone formulations has
been registered by it.


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Two famoxadone mixtures get on the 'last bus' for temporary registration
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