Herbicides China News 1705

Title:Herbicides China News 1705
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Publish date:2017-05-26
The CCPIA disclosed that related government departments are actively studying a change in the export tax rebate on pesticide formulations. Industry insiders predict that this will give China's pesticide business a boost.
Given the importance of pesticide exports, and Weifang Rainbow's rising advantage in export markets, more and more domestic pesticide companies may learn from Weifang Rainbow's operational mode that's boosting its exports.
China's glufosinate-ammonium market is now in rapid development, with increasing manufacturers expanding their production capacities to capture larger sales. In this context, market competition is expected to further intensify in the coming period.
The best selling herbicides in China in 201 6 included 11 products from 11 companies. Thereinto, Dow AgroSciences (China) LLC's Daojie, and YongNong BioSciences Co., Ltd.'s Baisudun were in the list.
The best selling pesticides in China in 201 6 included 9 products from 9 companies. Jiangsu Luye Agrochemicals Co., Ltd.'s Shenghua, Jiangmen Plant Protection Co., Ltd.'s Jiashoumi, and Langfang Pesticide Medium-sized Refinery Factory, IPP, CAAS's Atailing were in the list.
Reportedly, the main part of Sino-Agri Union's 2,000 t/a dicamba TC project has been finished, and the company will accelerate the construction next to put it into operation as soon as possible. In this way, it can enrich its technical product varieties and boost financial performance.
Jiangsu Huifeng may put its 5,000 t/a glufosinate-ammonium TC project into operation on 1 Sept., 2017, which may further consolidate its position in the market, and boost its performance.
The total sales of top 100 pesticide enterprises increased by nearly 6% YoY, despite last year was a "cold winter" for pesticide industry.
In 2016, Shandong Luba witnessed YoY drops in both revenue and net profit, mainly because of the falling price of paraquat and pyridine.
The 2017 Rotterdam Convention failed to agree on the inclusion of paraquat into its Annex III once again, meaning concerns over export restrictions on it were settled. Given this, paraquat is still expected to enjoy promising prospects in overseas markets.
In 2016, China's export volume of atrazine witnessed a YoY rise, but export price suffered a YoY decline.
In April 2017, China had 26 new herbicide TC registrations, which included 19 active ingredients.
The new Regulations on Pesticide Administration in China is to come into effect on 1 June, 2017. In particular, the amendments to pesticide registration have drawn much attention from the industry.
In May 2017, the MOC decided to approve the merger of Dow and DuPont, but asked them to divest some businesses as a precondition of the approval.
Editor's Note
Column 1 Market Analysis
China's pesticide export business may receive a boost
Weifang Rainbow’s new operational mode may help more domestic pesticide companies boost exports
China’s glufosinate-ammonium: further intensifying market competition
Best selling herbicides in Chinese crop protection market in 2016
Best selling pesticides in Chinese crop protection market in 2016
Column 2 Company Dynamics
Sino-Agri Union accelerates development of dicamba
Glufosinate-ammonium project expected to boost Jiangsu Huifeng’s 2017 performance
2017 China top 1 00 pesticide enterprises see total sales up by 5.81% YoY
Column 3 Paraquat and Pyridine
Paraquat drags down Shandong Luba’s 2016 net profit
2017 Rotterdam Convention still failed to agree on listing paraquat
Column 4 Import and Export Analysis
Atrazine TC export volume up 7.94% YoY in 2016
Column 5 Registration
26 new herbicide TC registrations in April 2017
Column 6 Policy
Key changes in pesticide registration
MOC decides to greenlight Dow-DuPont merger
Public opinion soliciting on supporting regulations of the Regulations on Pesticide Administration begins
Column 7 News in Brief
MIIT plans to revise standards of 4 pesticides
Zhejiang Province strengthens on-site inspection of pesticide export
Automatic temperature-sensing controlled release pesticide comes out
ChemChina announces definitive interim results for its offer to acquire Syngenta
YONON: sales volume of glufosinate-ammonium AS Baisudun hits 11,000 tonnes
Hunan begins construction of pesticide supervision platform
Dry-hot wind attacks many regions and reduces wheat yield by as much as 20%
Qingdao Xiannong promotes new herbicide ‘Daojiale’
CCPR49 opens in Beijing
Long-term use of pendimethalin may cause soil nutrient unbalance
Column 8 Price Monitoring
Ex-works prices of key herbicide raw materials in China, 8 May, 2017
Ex-works prices of main herbicides in China, 8 May, 2017
Shanghai Port prices of main herbicides in China, 8 May, 2017
FOB Shanghai prices of main herbicides in China, 8 May, 2017