Insecticides China News 1705

Title:Insecticides China News 1705
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Publish date:2017-05-27

2017 China Top 100 Pesticide Enterprises was released on 10 May. According to the list, top 10 enterprises see 10.86% increase
in total sales.
The market prices of imidacloprid TC, acetamiprid TC and chlorpyrifos TC continued climbing in early May under environmental
pressure. However, lambda-cyhalothrin TC saw its market price going down.
According to the NBS, the total supply of insecticides increased by 12.6% YoY to 149,397 tonnes (converted into 100% AI) in Q1 ,
which accounted for 16.8% of total output of pesticides. The result was led by abundant supplies in Jiangsu, Hubei, Shandong and
Hunan provinces—these main producing areas all saw YoY surges in output.
Insecticide producers saw increasing net profits with the price significantly going up. However, the profiting space may shrink
considering the financial costs, environmental costs and intensifying competitions.
Sino-Agri Union will establish a wholly-owned subsidiary to further develop international business and to expand cooperation
channel. This is a move to optimise strategic layout and enhance competitiveness so as to accelerate the internationalisation
In early May 2017, Beijing Mindleader announced that it had launched its new product "Delang" (15% abamectin·spirotetramat SC).
Beijing Mindleader, established in 2011 , is a dark horse in the industry with its sales reaching USD23.93 million (RMB165.00
million) after five years' development. In reality, such an outstanding performance is partly because of its flagship products. In 201 6, one of its fungicides named "Mingrunfeng" (30% tebuconazole·pyraclostrobin SC) had achieved sales of USD4.35 million
(RMB30.00 million) after its launch in China. The new product in 2017 will also arouse wide attention nationwide and may even
record larger sales.
The exports of chlorpyrifos TC saw downward trend in early 2017. In May, the demand for chlorpyrifos TC in China will decline and
more will be exported in the coming months. However, the total export volume is estimated to continue falling. The major export
destinations are still Portugal, Thailand, Vietnam and other Eurasia countries.
In May 2017, good news for the China's chlorpyrifos exports finally came after years of depression: the APVMA concluded that
there is no evidence to indicate that chlorpyrifos could cause potential neurodevelopment effects; EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt
denied the petition requesting to ban chlorpyrifos in the US. Yet, the Chinese chlorpyrifos market is now in short supply due to strict
environmental regulations. It still remains to be seen how the chlorpyrifos export market will go in the coming period.
According to the CCPIA, there are ten new quality insecticides to go off patent, in which lvanlin, lupyrazofos and spirotetramat will
be off-patented in two months. Therefore, other insecticides technical manufacturers will be allowed to have registration. Judging
from the registration of insecticides formulations, chlorantraniliprole, spirotetramat and sulfoxaflor are more popular.
There were 88 insecticide products registered in China in April, and they came from 66 enterprises. The most popular were
imidacloprid, thiamethoxam and dinotefuran while the most common form was SC.
Rice pests are extremely occurred in Zhejiang Province. In May 2017, the Department of Agriculture of Zhejiang Province released
the 2017 Recommended Pesticides of Zhejiang Province for Preventing and Treating Main Pests and Diseases, aiming to
strengthen pests and diseases prevention and treatment.
In April 2017, the Hunan Agricultural Committee released a series of subsidy policies to facilicate the implementation of the
Regulations on Pesticide Administration and meanwhile strengthen regulations on the local pesticide market.
On 12 May, 2017, the MOA released its opinions on ban or restriction on agricultural use of 5 insecticides, including endosulfan,
methyl bromide, acephate, carbosulfan, and dimethoate.


Editor's note
Column 1 Market Dynamics
2017 China Top 100 Pesticide Enterprises released
Insecticides market dynamics in early May
Q1 sees abundant supplies of insecticides in main producing areas
Insecticide businesses: profit to shrink in China
Column 2 Company Dynamics
Sino-Agri Union to further develop international business and expand cooperation channel
Beijing Mindleader launches its spirotetramat product nationwide
Column 3 Import and export
Exports of chlorpyrifos TC decline in Jan.–Feb. 2017
Chlorpyrifos exports: favourable news, but uncertain future development
Column 4 Registrations
Lvanlin, lupyrazofos and spirotetramat to go off patent in two months
Newly registered insecticide products in China in April
Column 5 Pest
Wheat sees YoY increase in occurrence area of diseases in China as of 4 May
Pest occurrence in Zhejiang Province
Column 6 Policy
Hunan introduces subsidy policies to support new Regulations on Pesticide Administration
MOA to ban 5 insecticides for agricultural use
Column 7 News in Brief
Carbofuran and trichlorfon listed in the RC
2017 List of Production-licensed Pesticides (5th group) publicised
Pests and diseases to heavily occur in early-season rice nationwide
Brazil: Q1 2017 sees a surge in imidacloprid import
Chlorpyrifos: slack season comes, price up difficult
Jiangsu Changqing: increasing performance of insecticides business in 2016
Belt and Road facilitates China's pesticide export
Limin Chemical: insecticides revenue doubles
Nissan Chemical: production equipment of fluxametamide to be newly established
UPL launches a seed treatment product in Brazil
Column 8 Price Update
Ex-works prices of major insecticides in China, May 2017
Shanghai Port prices of major insecticides, May 2017
FOB Shanghai prices of major insecticides, May 2017