Pesticide Global Market Report -- Banvel

Title:Pesticide Global Market Report -- Banvel
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Format:Electronic Edition (Adobe PDF)
AuthorReach24h Consulting
Publish date:2016-01-26
Banvel is firstly launched in early 1960s, now a famous herbicide for weed control in corn, cotton, sorghum, soybean, small grains, pasture, hay, rangeland, general farmstead, fallow, sugarcane, asparagus, turf and grass seed crops. This Auxin-type synthetic hormone herbicide interferes with Indolic Acetic Acid in growing plant parts inducing cell elongation. Subsequently the stem bends, the growing point swells and leaves curl causing death. Banvel controls tough broadleaved weeds, can be applied early, before weeds start to rob yield due to some residual activity, and still provides control until canopy closes. Application of Banvel in corn, soybean and grain has been increased by 5% annually in USA, Brazil, Argentina and EU countries. However, due to single does and slow promotion in China, Banvel’s development is at the beginning.
Part 1 Product overview
1.1 Product introduction
1.2 Market history
1.3 Patent situation

Part 2 Global market analysis
2.1 Market performance by countries
2.2 Market performance by crops
2.3 Rising markets in recent years
2.4 Comparison analysis
2.5 Main exporters/importers
2.6 Manufacturing process
2.7 Market development trend

Part 3 Registration process in potential market
3.1 Global registration overview
3.2 Technical material registration overview
3.3 Preparation registration overview
3.4 Registration market and registration pattern
3.5 Registration data and fees
3.6 Registration suggestions

Part 4 Market forecast
4.1 Market investigation and analysis
4.2 Potential targeted crops

Part 5 Conclusions and advices