Thiamethoxam Global Analysis Report

Title:Thiamethoxam Global Analysis Report
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Format:Electronic Edition (Adobe PDF)
AuthorReach24H Consulting
Publish date:2016-01-26
Thiamethoxam offers effective broad-spectrum pest protection on numerous crops around the world. Thiamethoxam is a second generation neonicotinoid insecticide, belonging to the thianicotinyl subclass of chemistry, and possesses unique chemical properties. Thiamethoxam interferes with a specific receptor site in the insect’s nervous system. Once insects feed on the plant or come into contact with thiamethoxam, feeding is irreversibly stopped and insect damage halts. Thiamethoxam is the active ingredient firstly developed by Novartis (now Syngenta) in 1998 in Brazil. After that, it grows fast and has been registered in 65 countries on 115 types of crops and applications, covering large scale of vegetables, rice, cotton, fruits, tobacco, potato and grains.  The market share is only second to imidacloprid, rising from 7.46 billion USD in 2009 to 11.4 billion USD in 2012. 
Part 1
1.1 Product overview
1.2 Market history
1.3 Patent status
Part 2 Global market analysis
2.1 Market performance by countries
2.2 Market performance by crops
2.3 Rising markets in recent years
2.4 Comparison analysis
2.5 Main exporters/importers
2.6 Restriction or forbid
2.7 Market development trend
Part 3 Registration process in potential market
3.1 Global registration overview
3.2 Technical material registration overview
3.3 Preparation registration overview
3.4 Registration market and registration pattern
3.5 Registration data and fees
3.6 Registration suggestions
Part 4 Market forecast
Part5 Conclusions and advices