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Trifloxystrobin Global Market Analysis Report
Trifloxystrobin Global Market Analysis Report
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Member of the strobilurin group of fungicides is a second generation broad spectrum strobilurine type fungicide with improved protective and curative properties against main plant disease.  Trifloxystrobin works by interfering with respiration in plant pathogenic fungi. The site of action of strobilurin compounds is located in the mitochondrial respiration pathway. As a result of this mode of action, trifloxystrobin is a potent inhibitor of 2 fungal spore germination and mycelial growth. Trifloxystrobin is a broad-spectrum foliar fungicide that has high levels of activity against many fungal pathogens within the Ascomycete, Deuteromycete, Basidiomycete, and Oomycete classes. Pests controlled by this active ingredient include grape and cucurbit powdery mildew, apple scab and powdery mildew, peanut leafspot, and brown patch of turfgrasses.
Part 1 Product overview
1.1 Product introduction
1.2 Market history
1.3 Patent situation

Part 2 Global market analysis
2.1 Market performance by countries
2.2 Market performance by crops
2.3 Rising markets in recent years
2.4 Comparison analysis
2.5 Main exporters/importers
2.6 Manufacturing process
2.7 Restriction or forbid
2.8 Market development trend

Part 3 Registration process in potential market
3.1 Global registration overview
3.2 Technical material registration overview
3.3 Preparation registration overview
3.4 Registration market and registration pattern
3.5 Registration data and fees
3.6 Registration suggestions

Part 4 Market forecast
4.1 Market investigation and analysis
4.2 Potential targeted crops

Part 5 Conclusions and advices