Ebook19: China Pesticide Regulation-" Regulations on Pesticide Administration"

TitleEbook19: Regulations on Pesticide Administration
FormatElectronic Edition (Adobe PDF)
PublisherState Council
Release Date08 Jun, 2013
The regulation which took effect on Nov 29 2001 was promulgated to supervise and control the production, marketing and utilization of pesticides. The production, marketing and utilization of pesticide within the territory of China are subject to these Regulations.
  • The agricultural department under the State council is responsible for the registration, supervision and control of pesticide through the country. The agricultural departments of provincial governments should be responsible for the supervision and control of pesticides within their respective administrative regions and the agricultural departments of county governments should be responsible for the supervision and control of pesticide within their respective administrative regions;
  • The competent authorities of industrial production license should be responsible for the approval, administration of pesticide manufacturing.
  • The Regulations also appointed qualification for pesticide marketing and the entities shall obtain the business license from the administrative departments for industry and commerce;
  • If the pesticide belongs to the dangerous goods or hazardous chemicals, which subject to other regulations and measures, the companies shall obtain other permits or certification as well;

The revised draft of “Regulations on Pesticide Administration” was released for public consultation on July 20 2011, which strengthens the management of registration, import and export of pesticides. It is expected that the revision to be finalized by 2013 and will enter into force shortly after the promulgation.

The English Legal text is translated by Chinese officals and REACH24H Consulting Group has shared it at Chemlinked to help non-Chinese understand and comply with obligations arising from this regulation.

  1. General Provisions
  2. Registration of Pesticide
  3. Production of Pesticide
  4. Distribution of Pesticide
  5. Use of Pesticide
  6. Other Provisions
  7. Penalty Provisions
  8. Supplementary Provisions