Ebook20: China Pesticide Regulation:"Data Requirements on Pesticide Registration"-Order 10 of MoA

TitleEbook20: Data Requirements on Pesticide Registration-Order 10 of MoA
FormatElectronic Edition (Adobe PDF)
PublisherMinistry of Agriculture
Release Date08 Jun, 2013
The “Data requirements on Pesticide Registration” was formulated under the “Regulations on Pesticide Administration” and the “Measure on the Implementation of the Regulations on Pesticide Management”. It is to regulate the practical operation of pesticide registration. The pesticide products which domestically produced, processed, repacked in China and imported from overseas should be registered to the MoA according to the Data requirements. The registration of new active ingredients and new formulated products should go through the procedures of field trial, temporary registration and full registration. This document specified the types, data required and product samples for pesticide registration. The applicant should obtain the pesticide registration by providing authentic and valid dossier.

This regulation has been revoked since the implementation of China's new pesticide regulation, the"MoA Announcement 2569-Data Requirements on Pesticide Registration". Please click below link to visit our new page for more infomation:

English Translation of China MoA Annoucement 2569 Data Requirements on Pesticide Registration

  1. General Provisions
  2. Terminology and Definitions
  3. Registration for New Active Ingredients
  4. Registration for New Special Pesticides
  5. Registration for New Formulated Products
  6. Registration for Me-too Pesticide Products
  7. Registration for Expansion of Application Scope, Change of Application Method and Alteration of Application Dosage
  8. Repacking Registration
  9. Renewal Registration
  10. Registration for Technical Concentrates
  11. Other Issues Related to Pesticide Registration
  12. Supplementary Provisions
  1. Specification Related to Pesticide Formulations
  2. Number of Product Residue Tests Required in Different Sites for Different Crops
  3. Crop Categories for Residue Test
  4. Types of Environmental Impact Data Waived for Registration Application of Pesticide TC/TKs with Different Properties and Uses
  5. Types of Environmental Impact Data Waived for Registration Application of Pesticide Formulated Products with Different Properties and Uses
  6. Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
  7. Equivalence–Determination Guidelines for Me-too TC/TKs with Substantially Similar Quality
  8. Equivalence–Determination Guidelines for Me-too Formulated Products with Substantially Similar Quality
  9. Template for the Declaration on the Authenticity and Legality of the Application Data
  10. Template for the Statement on the Source of TC/TKs Used in Formulated Products