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CRAC 2022 Virtual Forum: Communicate, Collaborate and Co-Create
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As the COVID-19 pandemic is still raging on, the industry landscape has become much more precarious due to protracted uncertainty, risky challenges of emerging virus variants and spillover effects into other risks. More collaboration and communication across society are essential for companies and industries.

To build resilience and cooperation, the CRAC 2022 Virtual Forum will help explore the way out in the process of “Communicating, Collaborating & Co-Creating”, to bridge knowledge and communication gaps across regions and share innovative and value-added regulatory, policy and market insights.

The CRAC 2022 Forum will focus on the status quo and future challenges and possibilities found in chemical management, pesticide registration, cosmetics, and food contact materials in Asia, the EU, the U.K., the U.S., and other major trade partners.


A Collectively Created 2022 Forum

In this year of change, CRAC 2022 Virtual Forum aims to serve as an open platform not only for gaining the latest knowledge but also for raising topics and delivering insights. CRAC 2022 Virtual Forum is openly available to all prestigious parties with experience in the industry who are willing to build, deliver and share valuable content and resources with stakeholders.

Better cooperation is the only way forward. To this end, this year’s co-created forum will be held virtually and be made free of charge for all attendees. If you are also interested in engaging as a guest speaker, please feel free to contact the organizing committee.


The CRAC 2022 Virtual Forum is free and open to all interested participants around the globe.

For the detailed agenda, please visit the CRAC 2022 website and LinkedIn to get the updates.

Register for free on CRAC 2022’s official website | Click and download the CRAC 2022 Brochure


Interested in becoming a Guest Speaker?  Please contact us at crac@reach24h.com.

* Previous CRAC attendees can log in with email addresses without registration.


  • Government Officials

  • Industry Associations / International Organizations / NGOs

  • Industry Regulatory Experts

  • Product Safety Officers

  • EHS (Environment, Health, and Safety) Industry Experts

  • Experts from Laboratory Centers

  • Decision Makers from Multinational Companies

  • Technical Experts of Scientific Research Institutions

  • Supply Chain Officers

  • Global Trade Officers

  • Industry Media Platforms

  • Officials from High-Profile Regulatory Companies

Chemical Regulatory Annual Conference (CRAC)

Since 2009, CRAC has played a significant role in strengthening international regulatory communication and cooperation, by bringing together industry wisdom from global government authorities, industry experts and enterprise representatives to analyze market trends, exchange industry insights, and explore innovative compliance solutions. To date, CRAC has developed its scale and encompassed a range of diverse sectors (such as pesticides, disinfectants, cosmetics, food contact materials, and pharmaceuticals).

In 2020, REACH24H organized the first online CRAC with Helsinki Chemicals Forum, United Nations Environment Programme, European Chemicals Agency, and the European Commission, which attracted the attention of over 9,000 participants from 91 countries/regions, including students and researchers from more than 85 universities around the world.

Click to know more about the CRAC 2020 and CRAC 2021.

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CRAC 2022 Virtual Forum: Communicate, Collaborate and Co-Create

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