[Free Webinar]Technical Equivalence Assessment under EU Plant Protection Products(PPP) Regulation

Date: 2017-05-04
Speaker: Ms. Ivy Zhang
Language: English
Document: Video, PPT

As one of the most developed economies, the EU has a very strict regulatory system to manage the placing of Plant Protection Products (PPP) on its market. Accomplish the regulatory compliance requirements and enter the EU market is thus a challenge to most PPP related companies. Not only it will cost lots of money and time, but also it demands the related companies possess a strong technical team to prepare the data and reports needed. Among the complex approval for active substances and authorization for products, Technical Equivalence (TE) assessment for the technical materials becomes a relatively easy, cheap and quick way to unlock the EU market for substance manufacturers.
For a currently approved active substance in the EU, approval for each new source of the same active substance must also be granted before the new source is placed on the market.  This is commonly accomplished through the process known as Technical Equivalence (TE) assessment. Once the new source is approved, the manufacturer can sell their active substance to anyone they wish in the EU freely. 
In order to help related companies have a clear understanding of PPP registration and the TE assessment, REACH24H Consulting Group will hold a free webinar focusing on the key points of the regulatory compliance work, including the procedures, cost and duration.


This webinar is totally free and delivered twice to facilitate participants from more time zones, click on below links to select the session:

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Technical Equivalence Assessment under EU Plant Protection Products(PPP) Regulation


Ivy Zhang, Master of Chemistry, Regulatory AnalystMs.Ivy Zhang, Master of Chemistry, Regulatory Analyst

Ms. Zhang is a professional consultant on technical and regulatory matters for plant protection products and biocides within the EU and global product registrations. She has been involved in the preparation of dossiers for plant protection products and biocides submissions through the PPP, BPR and EPA FIFRA process. She is highly experienced in the preparation of data for 5 batch analysis, physio-chemistry and analytical methods.