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Introduction of China Fertilizer Registration and Filing
Speaker:Yun Cai
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China is a large country with a large population and a large agricultural sector. Increasing grain production occupies an important position in agricultural development. Fertilizer is widely used in production because of its rich nutrient content and significant yield increase effect. With the rapid rise in the prices of grain and agricultural products in China in recent years, the demand for fertilizers has been stimulated. Currently, the production and use of fertilizers in China ranks first around the world, which means China’s fertilizer market still has potential. Therefore, If foreign manufactures want to enter the Chinese market, they would like to know more about the situation of ’China fertilizer registration, the difficulty of entering the Chinese market, the total amount of fertilizer export to  China and the number of foreign companies that have registered in China. In addition, the outbreak of the new crown virus in 2020 has had a profound impact on China and other countries around the world. Coupled with the effects of extreme weather and multiple factors such as locust plagues, floods and droughts, global food security is facing a huge test. China pays more attention to food security., and fertilizers play a key role in increasing production and income.

During this period, if the foreign enterprises want to enter the Chinese market and win a place in the China fertilizers market, what should they do to deal with it and what is the latest policy of the Chinese government?

In order to provide comprehensive compliance consulting and market access strategies for foreign fertilizer manufacturers, REACH24H will hold a free webinar on June 17, 2021. To discuss China’s fertilizer registration compliance solutions. This webinar will include a comprehensive analysis of current fertilizer registration types in China, and the interpretation of key registration documents.

  • A comprehensive introduction of China Fertilizer regulation

  • Analysis of fertilizer registration type, registration process and timeline

  • Notes on Preparation of registration data


The webinar is totally free, click on hyperlinks to register!

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2021-06-1721:00 ~ 22:00GMT Time:14:00-15:00 amEnglish

Yun Cai
Regulatory Consultant
Mrs. Cai Yun, graduated from the University of Windsor, Canada, majoring in medical biotechnology with a master’s degree. She is a senior regulatory and technical consulting engineer of the Agrochemical Division of REACH24H and has been engaged in global pesticide, disinfectant and fertilizer registration regulatory consulting for many years. She is committed to customize detailed and rigorous compliance programs for companies, provide efficient and high-quality consulting services, and help companies enter the market.
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