Live Stream: Regulatory Compliance Strategies of Biocidal Products for EU, US, China, and South Korea

Date: 2020-05-14
Speaker: Ms. Bellatu, Ms. Ms. Aileen Tan, Ms. Gemma Cheng
Language: English


The spike in demand for biocidal products amid the coronavirus pandemic has gradually drained disinfectant supplies in many regions around the world, such as China, Europe and the United States. To tackle the global shortage, authorities such as the National Health Commission of China, the ECHA of EU and the FDA of the US have strengthened supervision over biocidal product compliance. Moreover, temporary management measures have been introduced and green channels have been established for the registration biocidal products to alleviate supply constraints.
In order to help international companies to better comply with the regulatory requirements of biocidal products in Europe, America and Asian markets such as China and South Korea, ChemLinked invited technical experts of REACH24H to detail the regulations in these countries and share their insights and experience on the topic.

We welcome all professionals to join.


  • Presentation 1: Discussion on Regulatory Compliance Strategies of Biocidal Products in EU and South Korea (21:30-22:10 GMT+8)
  • Presentation 2: How to Register Disinfectant Products in the USA (22:10-22:50 GMT+8)
  • Presentation 3: Compliance Strategy of Disinfectant Products in China (22:50-23:30 GMT+8)


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DateMarch 10, 2020 (Tuesday)
TimeBeijing Time21:30-23:00Register
New York Time (EST)9:30-11:30


Ms.Bella TuMs.Bella Tu

Bella graduated with a Master's degree in the University of Leeds, she is the manager of the Agrochem Department of REACH24H and has over eight years' experience in EU BPR regulatory compliance. Since joining REACH24H, Bella has dedicated herself to global biocides compliance analysis, including EU BPR, Korea-BPR, Chinese Disinfectant Regulation, Chinese Pesticide and US EPA pesticide regulations. And she already helped a lot of global companies comply with the EU BPR regulations successfully, including Article 95 supplier list, biocidal product authorization, new active substance approval and etc.

Ms. Aileen TanMs. Aileen Tan

Aileen graduated from Shanghai Ocean University, majored in food science and engineering, and obtained a master's degree. With over seven years of experience in United States pesticides and disinfectants regulations research and compliance work, Aileen's team is good at customizing products compliance strategies and overcoming technical difficulties for enterprises, with successful compliance experience in FDA hand sanitizer and US EPA pesticide registrations.

Ms.Gemma ChengMs.Gemma Cheng, Regulatory Consultant

Gemma Cheng graduated from Zhejiang Agricultural and Forestry University with Environmental Law Master degree. The Agrochem team she has been working in has over eight years' experience in biocidal and disinfectant product compliance, especially in the China market. Gemma has extensive experience in China imported disinfectant product registrations and has helped many oversea top 500 enterprises to obtain disinfectant registration approvals from China authorities so far.