Pesticide Regulation TALK | Global Pesticide Registration in 2022 ——U.S. EPA Biopesticide Registration and Market Analysis Resource Available

Date: 2022-05-25
Speaker: Tan Ling
Language: English

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Biopesticides are pesticides derived from natural materials such as animals, plants, bacteria, and certain minerals. Typically, biopesticides have unique modes of action and are considered reduced risk pesticides. Biopesticides fall into three major classes:

  • Biochemical pesticides
  • Microbial pesticides
  • Plant-incorporated protectants

As an alternative to conventional chemical pesticides, biopesticides have attracted more and more attention from The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) due to their advantages of low toxicity, no or less residue and strong specificity to target pests. US EPA is committed to encouraging the development and use of biopesticides, and some measures have been taken to promote the registration of biopesticides. For example, compared with traditional chemical pesticides, microbial pesticides and biochemical pesticides have simpler data requirements, shorter review time and less review costs, which can greatly save the registration cost of enterprises and shorten the registration time. Meanwhile, EPA may exempt some low-risk biochemical pesticides from registration if certain requirements are met.

In addition, in the United States, biopesticides, as a safe, green and low-toxicity of pest control means, are included in the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program, which aims to improve the efficiency of pest management and encourage the use of biopesticides instead of traditional chemical pesticides.

REACH24H will hold a free open webinar on May 23, which will introduce biopesticides in detail from various aspects of U.S. biopesticides registration and market advantages, biopesticides registration strategies and exemption registration, and answer questions related to biopesticides registration.


Main Contents

  • Characteristics and Registration & Market Advantage Analysis of Biopesticides
  • U.S. EPA Biopesticide Registration Strategy Analysis
  • Introduction of Biopesticide Registration Exemption
  • Summary




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May 25th, 2022

22:00 ~ 23:00

London: 15:00-16:00 | New York: 10:00-11:00


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Ms. Aileen Tan    Regulatory Affairs Consultant

Ms. Aileen Tan has more than 5 years of experience in the research and product compliance of pesticides and disinfectants in the United States, and she has successfully submitted dozens of applications for pesticides and disinfectants to the United States EPA and FDA. She is good at providing customized product compliance strategies and overcoming technical difficulties in product registration for enterprises, and she has rich experience in disinfectant product registration and many years of good cooperation with US officials and laboratories