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Brazil ANVISA Proposes to Maintain Pesticide Registration of 2,4-D Based Product

On 14 Apr 2016, Brazil National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) hosted a 60 days’ public consultation to maintain the production, exportation, importation, marketing and use of 2,4-D based product in the country.

The decision was made under the pesticide toxicological reassessment procedures conducted by ANVISA. Due to the Absence of sufficient evidence of serious health effects on human or experiment animal, the active ingredient is not within the items III, IV, VI,V and VII of the Article 31 of the Decree 4074.

The Decree 4074 is subordinates to the overarching law, the LAW 7802(Brazil Pesticide Law) and  providing more operable details on the competent authorities, registration, prohibition, labeling, registration cancellation, package and waste recovery of pesticide, the component and similar product.

Article 31 provides the condition of registration prohibition on pesticide, component or similar product and ANVISA’s reassessment determined 2,4-D is not considered teratogenic, carcinogenic, mutagenic, endocrine disrupting or poses more risk to human than laboratorial test on animal.

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