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China MEP Consults on Technical Specification of Pesticide Production Pollutant Permit

Pesticide production was among the 82 industries subject to pollutant permit management. New regulatory requirements will be applicable to chemical pesticide/intermediates in 2017.

On 31 Jul 2017, China MEP released the draft of “Technical Specification of Application and Issuance of Pesticide Production Pollutant Permit” for consultation until 30 Aug 2017. The draft specifies the information requirement, determination method of emission limits, computation of actual emission, criterion to assess environmental violation, as well as the technical requirements on self-inspection, ledger of environmental management and performance reporting of pollutant permit for pesticide (intermediate) production.

Pesticide production was among the 82 industries subject to pollutant permit management. The implementation scope and timeline were detailed in the “List of Categorized Management on the Pollutant Permit for Stationary Source (2017)”, which was published on 28, 2017. The timeline and priority will differ depending upon the product category and process:

Prior Implementation

Manufacturing of intermediate and TC/TKs of chemical, biochemical and microbial pesticide (Excluding preparation and sub-packaging of pesticide formulation);

Simply managing

preparation and sub-packaging of pesticide formulation



  • biochemical and microbial pesticide-2020;

  • others pesticide/intermediate-2017

Furthermore, MEP has drafted the “Effluent Standards for Pesticide Industry Pollutants ” to specifies the names, determination methods and emission limits of general and typical pollutants to be monitored and controlled during pesticide production and wastewater treatment, as well as the emission limit per unit of output for the production of specific pesticides.

Opinions will be solicited from governmental departments including NDRC, MIIT, 14 environmental institutions/organization, 5 pesticide industry association and 20 designated pesticide production companies.

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