China MoARA Consults on 3 Lists for Minor-use Pesticide Registration

China MoARA Consults on 3 Lists for Minor-use Pesticide RegistrationOn 25 Feb 2019, China MoARA released 3 draft lists to support the registration of minor crop use pesticides and will solicit opinion until 3 Mar 2019.

In 2017, China promulgated the new pesticide regulations and minor-use pesticide registration was first put forward in the “MoA Announcement 2569-Data Requirements on Pesticide Registration”. Compared to the registration general agricultural pesticides, the minimal number of trial sites for minor-use pesticide can be reduced to 3 or 4 sites within 1 year and the results of efficacy and residue trial on representative crop/pest can be extrapolated to other crop/pest within the same group. However, the product scope and crop/pest grouping were not yet detailed in the Announcement.

In this consultation, MoARA drafted 3 lists to define minor-use pesticides and specify grouping for efficacy and residue trial:

  • List of Minor Crops for Minor-crop Use Pesticide Registration
  • List of Crop and Pest Groups for Efficacy Trial on Minor-crop Use Pesticides
  • List of Crop and Pest Groups for Residue Trial on Minor-crop Use Pesticides(Only for pre-harvest use)

Although joint experimentation by multiple applicants is encouraged for minor-crop use pesticide, the applicants still need to prepare the complete dossiers as the general agricultural pesticides because such registration type is only applicable for the use expansion of existing pesticides. A tactful selection of crop, pest and trial site can effectively reduce the time and costs required for the market entry in China.

Reference Link

MoARA's News Release(in Chinese)

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