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China to Renew National Mandatory Standard for Food-use Disinfectants

China to Renew National Mandatory Standard for Food-use DisinfectantsOn November 14, 2021, China submit an SPS notification to the WTO regarding the amendment to “GB 14930.2-2012 National Food Safety Standard for Disinfectants”. In addition to the updated specification on product definition, use scope, and requirements on raw materials, additives, sensory characteristics, limits of harmful contents, and germicidal efficacy, label and use instruction, the amending draft first offers a separated annex to clarify meat disinfection during livestock processing.

Since the decentralized pre-marketing approval/evaluation of disinfectant in 2013, China launched the online filing system and issued/renewed numerous national or industrial standards regarding substance lists, product quality specification, testing methods, and performance evaluation, and these regulatory updates are then reflected in this amendment summarized as follows:

  • The standard name will be revised from “National Food Safety Standard: Disinfectants” to “General Requirements for the Safety of Food-use Disinfectants”;

  • More definite product definition and scope covering disinfectants and combination of disinfectant and detergent for the germicidal treatment of vegetable and fruit surface, and food-contacting surface of tableware, kitchenware, food processing tools and equipment, packing materials and containers;

  • An additional chapter was added to offer the general principles on food-use disinfectants;

  • Amendment to the referenced testing methods for physical appearance, harmful contents, and germicidal efficacy, as well as the cancellation of germicidal effect against Staphylococcus aureus;

  • Eligible active ingredients and auxiliary elements were listed in Annex A, also, other substances listed in GB 2760 and GB 14930.1 can be used as the auxiliary element for food-use disinfectants.

For meat disinfection, only sodium hypochlorite and peracetic acid disinfectant containing hydrogen peroxide, ethanoic acid and HEDP can be used for carcass treatment in slaughterhouse. They should be added into pre-cooling water. The immersion should be done only once and the duration may not exceed 90 minutes. The uses of these disinfectants shall conform with their corresponding maximum concentration limits.

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