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K-BPR: Consumer Chemical Products Include Fragrance, Fungicide, Insect Repellent Has Been Inspected on a Large Scale Again!

On August 11, 2022, the Korea Ministry of Environment and the Korea Environmental Industry& Technology Institute issued a prohibition on the manufacturing, importing and marketing of 623 kinds of  consumer chemical products that violate the “Act on the Safety Management for Consumer Chemical Products and Biocides” (hereinafter as K-BPR Regulations). At the same time, the Ministry of Environment also registered these products on the "Hazardous Product Sales Interruption System" operated by the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and requested the Korea Online Shopping Association to prohibit the sale and distribution of these consumer chemical products. The Ministry of Environment stated that it will also centrally monitor the recirculation of these products in the future.


The problems of illegal consumer chemical products can be mainly divided into three categories:


1、Did not comply with consumer chemical products’ safe standard and notification.

There are 543 products not qualified, including 232 kinds of fragrances, 133 kinds of candles, 23 kinds of tattoo dyes, and 155 kinds of others products. For example, 14 kinds of fungicides products did not have confirmed safety standards; 1 antibacterial disinfection product for humidifiers has not been approved; 13 kinds of sanitary pesticides and sanitary insect repellents that are widely consumed in summer  are manufactured and sold before they have been approved for safety under compliant procedures.


2、Still carried with excess harmful substances after finish the consumer chemical products compliance.

There are 68 kinds of product have this problem, including 26 kinds of cosmetic adhesives, 15 kinds of tattoo dyes, 7 kinds of glossy coating agents, 7 kinds of fragrances, and 13 kinds of other products. For example, there are five products inluding glossy coating agent, fragrance and deodorant, all exceeded the safety standard of foam aldehyde by 16.7 times.


3、Did not have correct labeling standards

There are 12 products did not have the clearly and correct label. According to the K-BPR regulations, products cannot use phrases that would mislead consumers into thinking that the product is not harmful to humans and the environment, for example, the use of "non-toxic", "harmless", "green", "safety to human and animals”, “ environmental and nature friendly” and other similar expressions.


In response to the rising concerns over consumer chemical products after the “toxic humidifier sterilizer” accident in 2011, South Korea has accelerated the legislative process regarding chemical products.  Since the enactment of “Act on the Safety Management for Consumer Chemical Products and Biocides” in 2018, the Korean government has also been rapidly and strictly promoting the enforcement and management of consumer chemical products. Therefore, companies whose business involves the export of consumer chemical products to Korea need to focus on compliance requirements such as verification of product safety standards and labeling.


One of the main purpose of South Korea’s Chemical Product Safety Act (K-BPR) regulations is manage some consumer chemical products which may have potential risk which are used in daily life.


For now, there are 13 categories consumer chemical products was regulating by K-BPR.


                                                    Product-types of Consumer Chemical Products



1.Detergent product group



2.Laundry products group

1.Laundry Detergent

2.Bleaching Agents

3.Fabric Softeners

3.Coating products group

1.Gloss Coatings

2.Special Purpose Coatings

3.Anti-Rust Additives


5.Ironing Auxiliaries

4.Adhesive products group


2.Gap and Crack Fillers

5.Air freshener products group

1.Air Fresheners

2.Deodorizing Agents

6.Dye and Colorant painting

products group

1.Dye Agents

2.Colorant Painting Agents

7.Auto products group

1.Windshield Washer Fluids For Auto

2.Engine Antifreezes

8.Printing and Document Related Products

1.Ink Cartridges And Toners

2.Red Seal Ink Pads

3.Correction Fluids and Tapes

9.Beauty products group

1.Adhesives for Beauty

2.Tattoo Inks

10.Disinfection Products group



3. Antibacterial and Disinfectant For Humidifiers

4.Sterilization And Disinfectant For Preventing Infectious Diseases

11.Insecticides and Repellents

1.Insect Repellents

2.Health Pesticide

3.Health Repellent

4.Insecticide For Preventing Infectious Disease Prevention

5.Rodenticide for Preventing Infectious Disease Prevention

12.Preservative products

Preservative-treated products

1.Wood Preservatives

2. Preservative-Treated Filter Product

13.Other products group


2.Dehumidifying Agent

3.Artificial Snow Spray

4. Fog Fluid for Performance

5. Household chemical products for humidifiers


From the above table we could find out consumer chemical products have involved in many corners in our lives. While companies need to pay more attention on product compliance. With the help provided by agrochemical department of REACH24H, your product could finish the consumer chemical products compliance efficient and professional under K-BPR including product safety standards check and notification, and meet the requirement of labeling and identification.


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