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Minor Administrative Amendments on Chinese Disinfectant and Water Related Product Regulation

On 9 May 2017, Chinese National Health and Family Planning Commission(NHFPC) issued a circular regarding textual amendment on the “Measures for the Hygienic Administrative License of New Disinfectant and Water Related Products”. These amendments were made under the reform of administrative approval system and function transferring from Health Supervision Center(HSC) to the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC):

  • The CDC will replace the HSC in accepting application and organizing the technical evaluation;

  • The validation experiment for the test result and test measures should be conducted by qualified institution and designated by the approval authority;

  • All test samples would be mandatorily sealed for inspection;

  • The online submission system will be named under NHFPC instead of HSC;

  • For imported disinfectant and water related products, the sales certification document in its origin country and letter of authorization on its Chinese representative will be required. If the application was filed by a third party, a power of attorney will be additionally required. These documents should be translated into Chinese but official notarization will no longer be required;

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NHFPC's News Release(in Chinese)

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