Statistical Analysis on Pesticide Registration Status in China


Statistical Analysis on Pesticide Registration Status in ChinaBy May 2017, 36,433 pesticides using 672 active ingredients have been registered with China ICAMA, of which 35,408 are registered by 2,116 Chinese domestic companies, 308 are registered by 20 US companies, 189 are registered by 8 German companies, 179 are registered by 24 Japanese company, 106 are registered by 2 Swiss companies and other 243 are registered by 53 overseas companies from India, Australia, Israel, Singapore, UK, Korea and Italy, etc.

Technical Grade Products

4,269 of the registrations are for manufacturing use, consisting of 3,993 TCs(technical), 230 TKs (technical material),38 TKLs (technical material in liquid) 8 TKPs (technical material powder) and 1 TFs(another form of technical material powder). 8 of the products are mixtures of complex compounds such as enadenines, brassinolides, and sodium/potassium nitrophenolates. With the patent expiry in 2011, azoxystrobin became the top registered TC in the last five years and the registration of pyraclostrobin is growing after it’s patent expiry in 2015.

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