Registration Status and Potential Candidates for Revaluation of Pesticides Used on Vegetables in China


pesticide registered for vegetable use in ChinaRisk assessment of pesticides has been given higher priority in recent years. Reform of Chinese pesticide regulations has seen increasing restrictions/prohibition place on many pesticides. In terms of the money an enterprise must spend during registration, registering a pesticide for use on vegetables offers no clear economic or market incentives to registrants when compared to registering a pesticide for use on grains. In addition there are no specific favorable policies afforded to pesticides registered for use on vegetables when compared to registering a pesticide for use on minor crops. An analysis of the registration status of pesticides designated for use on vegetables pesticides can help to predict which pesticides will be subject to revaluation and also help reflect the degree of competition in this niche market.

Product analysis

By then end of 2013, 7,473 formulations of 635 active ingredients/combinations had been registered on vegetable crops, of which 262 are single compound pesticides and 373 are multiple compound pesticides. Usage of these pesticides covers 94 crops and 123 pests/diseases. Insecticides accounted for 59% (4361) of registrations, followed by fungicides (2459), herbicides (469) and PGRs(148).

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