Detailed Comparison between GB 2763-2021 and GB2763-2019

Title:Detailed Comparison between GB 2763-2021 and GB2763-2019
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Format:Electronic Edition (Adobe PDF)
AuthorREACH24H Agrochemical Division
Publish date:2021-10-28

This comparison version reflects detailed differences between GB 2763-2021 and GB 2763-2019in the following aspects:

  • Added 81 pesticides, including 2,4-DB;
  • Added 2985 MLRs;
  • Added 7 standards for test methods, revised 2 standards for testing methods, and removed 2 standards for testing
  • methods;
  • Added ADIs for 66 pesticides including 2,4-DB;
  • Revised the Chinese common name of Fosthiazate and English common names of 3 pesticides including 2,4-D
  • dimethyl amine salt;
  • Revised 194 MLRs previously promulgated;
  • Revised the residue definition of 12 pesticides including Fluazifop;
  • Revised the ADIs for 4 pesticides including Fenpropimorph;
  • Temporary MRLs for 17 pesticides including MCPA (sodium) have been changed into formal ones and formal
  • MRLs for 3 pesticides including Cycloxydim have been changed into temporary ones;
  • Revised the Nominative Reference Annex A by adding 20 food names, including whole wheatmeal, and revising
    15 food names

For more infomation about the features of China's pesticide MRL regulation,  please see our article:

An Insight into China’s New Pesticide MRL Regulation (GB 2763-2021)

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