Pesticide Risk Assessment under China's New Pesticide Regulation

Date: 2017-09-13
Speaker: Ms. Mia Gao, Regulatory specialist
Language: English (twice)
Price: USD59

The new Chinese pesticide regulation, "Administrative Measures for the Registration of Pesticide” has been released on June 20, 2017. The greatest change shows that it will be mandatory for applicants to provide Risk Assessment Report of the pesticides they intend to register when companies submitting final dossier under new regulation.

It is well-known that there may be the chance of harmful effects to human or to ecological systems resulting from pesticide exposure during their production and application. Thus, Risk Assessments to characterize the nature and magnitude of health risks to humans and ecological receptors become more and more important and necessary.

There is no doubt it will take great challenges to potential applicants, after all, Risk Assessment Evaluation is not required in the old regulation. It will require relatively professional technology when carrying out Risk Assessment because it should be based on scientific data and models under specific conditions, and it aims to scientifically evaluate the possibility and severity of adverse effects of pesticides on human health and the environment.

To help overseas enterprises in the shortest time to understand the most influential regulation, REACH24H AMD team will host a webinar to offer a better interpretation on the new requirements of pesticide Risk Assessment.


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Sep 13  2017 (Wednesday)4:00-4:45  pm(GMT+8)English

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9:00-9:45 pm (GMT+8)

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  • Relevant legal requirements for pesticide risk assessment.
  • Categories and related concepts of pesticide risk assessment.
  • How to prepare a pesticide risk assessment report?
  • What REACH24H could do to assist applicants to complete a pesticide risk assessment report?


Ms. Mia GaoMs. Mia Gao, Regulatory Specialist

Ms. Gao has a Master’s degree from University of Chinese Academy of Science. She majored in Environment Science and has four years’ experience specializing in eco-toxicological and environment behavior and fate studies, as well as environment risk assessment. She is also engaged in regulatory compliance, especially for pesticide compliance.