China to Approve 4 Novel Pesticide Active Ingredients

China to Approve 4 Novel Pesticide Active IngredientsOn August 28, China ICAMA issued the 7th batch of pesticides to be approved in 2020, consisting of 4 novel active ingredients. Bayer’s Tetraniliprole was proposed for the control of Spodoptera exigua on cabbage and Mitsui’s Broflanilide was proposed by BASF, targeting Plutella xylostella and Phyllotreta vittata Fabricius on cabbage and Chinese cabbage.

To register new pesticides in China, the applicant needs to submit the dossiers of the ai and formulation at the same time but parts of biopesticides can be exempted from ai registration.

New pesticides to be approved in China (consulted on August 28th)


Composition& Formulation Type

Toxicological Class



Shenzhen Bioglobal Agricultural Science

8,10-Dodecadien-1-ol (Cydia pomonella sexual attractant) dispenser, 220 mg/piece

Low toxic


Cydia pomonella


Tetraniliprole ai 90%

Low toxic




Tetraniliprole suspension concentrate 200g/L

Low toxic


Spodoptera exigua

Mitsui Chemical Agro

Broflanilide ai 98%

Low toxic




Broflanilide suspension concentrate 100g/L

Low toxic

Cabbage and Chinese cabbage

Plutella xylostella and Phyllotreta vittata Fabricius

SDS Biotech K.K.

Bacillus amyloliquefaciens AT-332 water dispersible granule 5 billion cfu/g

Slightly toxic


Powdery mildew

ICAMA’s news release

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