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Novel Pesticide Active Ingredients Developed by China

Although China becomes the largest supplier in the global crop protection market, most of the pesticides produced or exported from China are low-value-added generics. The pricing competition and overcapacity problems within Chinese producers and the pressure from MNCs have made the industry an increasingly competitive marketplace.

The rat race has forced China to upgrade its portfolio with new molecules and technology. Since 7th FYP (from 1985 to 1989), 50 new active ingredients have been developed by Chinese institutes or pesticide companies, which included 14 insecticides, 25 fungicides, 8 herbicides and 3 plant growth regulators. The name, category, inventor, patent and registration status and producer of these new active ingredients are summarized in the table below:

Excerpt  Table

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According to Li Zhonghua, Secretary General of the CCPIA, China has already started the commercialization of paichongding, meperfluthrin, dufulin, ZJ-0712, zinc thiazole, pyrimorph. Beside, China is screening some new molecules for paddy pests and resistant weeds. 

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