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China to Ban 10 Highly Toxic Pesticides by 2024

According to China Central Radio and Television, the Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Affairs (MoARA) said it will start a 3-year food safety campaign to control pesticide and veterinary drug residue and 10 highly toxic pesticides which are still in use today will be banned batchwise by 2024, including Phorate, Isocarbophos, Omethoate, Carbofuran, Methomyl, Ethoprophos, Isofenphos-methyl, Aldicarb, Chlorpicrin and Aluminium phosphide.

The plan was formulated during a joint conference with SAMR, MIIT, NHC and other 4 ministries, which made clear that pesticides with the highest detection rate in vegetables will be banned first and illegal uses of banned/restricted pesticides would be extinct in the next 3 years.

MoARA takes regular inspection on agricultural products every year and 97% of the products were found to be qualified over the past 6 years. The Ministry pointed out even though all regulators stressed a zero-tolerance policy towards banned/restricted pesticides, mislabeling uses of conventional pesticides were often omitted. MoARA has set aims to develop more rapid test tools targeting the most frequently used pesticides on cowpea and Chinese chives.

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