China’s Pesticide Qualification Rate Increased by 7.6% in 2020

China’s Pesticide Qualification Rate Increased by 7.6% in 2020On April 16, 2021, China MoARA released the ministerial inspection results of pesticide quality in 2003. The overall qualification rate was 96.2%, an increase of 7.6% from the previous year of 88.6%. 40% of the substandard pesticides were fake products containing no registered active ingredient or containing unregistered active ingredients.

The ministerial inspection comprised random inspection, focus inspection targeting particular producers/retailers, and special inspection on certain products. 97.1% of the products randomly inspected were found to be qualified while only 93% of the products sampled from targeted producers were tested satisfied. MoARA designated biopesticides and illegal use of Paraquat in non-selective herbicides for special inspection. 0.9% of the herbicides sampled tested positive for Paraquat and only 80% of the biopesticides were found to be qualified.

Of all the 11536 pesticides sampled, 8672 of them were single-element ones and 2864 were multi-element ones, with a similar qualification rate of 96.3% and 96.0% respectively. 45.9% of the products inspected were insecticides, with a qualification rate of 95.4%. Fungicides and Herbicides accounted for 19.9% and 31.5% of the inspected pesticides, with the qualification rate of 97.1% and 96.8%.

25.6% of the substandard pesticides tested negative for registered ingredients and 93 substandard pesticides tested positive for unregistered ingredients. 249 substandard pesticides tested containing inadequate active ingredients and 64 pesticides have been labeled with forged or invalid registration numbers.

MoARA has issued the name list of retailers and labeled producers of these pesticides to the provincial subordinates for further investigation and enforcement.

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MoARA's News Release(in Chinese)

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