China Enacts Revised Agricultural Standard for Macronutrient Water-soluble Fertilizers (WSF)

China Enacts Revised Agricultural Standard for Macronutrient Water-soluble Fertilizers (WSF)The number of the macronutrient Water-soluble fertilizers has grown to 3600, taking up almost 15% of fertilizers registered with MoARA and their uneven quality performance became increasingly comparable with China’s current agricultural strategy of quality enhancement and agrochemical use reduction.

The original standard, “NY 1107-2010 Water-soluble fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium” was promulgated as early as 2010. After 10 years of mandatory implementation, some technical indicators have been adjusted, which will take effect starting from November 1.

Apart from the transformation from a mandatory standard into a recommended one and major technical changes are summarized as follows:

  • NY 1107-2010 established separate requirements for secondary-element type (macronutrient product containing secondary elements) and micro-element type (macronutrient product containing secondary elements). Some of the indicators have been consolidated and universally applicable to all macronutrient WSF;
  • If secondary elements or micronutrients were added and the producers wish to make such nutrient claim, they may establish flexible indicators themselves and mark corresponding guarantee values on product labels;
  • Removal of acidity/alkalinity requirements;
  • The revision has reduced minimum macronutrient content from 500 g/L to 400 g/L;
  • The limits of water-insoluble matter were also adjusted. For solid WSFs, the limit has been elevated from 5% to 10%. For liquid WSFs, the limit has been reduced from 50g/L to 10 g/L;
  • The updated standards added different chlorinity requirements for non- chloric, low-chloric and moderate-chloric WSFs, as well as the maximum biuret content of 0.9%;
  • If the solid WSF was refined into granules, a particle size test will be additionally required and the percentage of particles shall not be lower than 90%。

It is worth noting that MoARA has decentralized the premarketing approval procedures for micronutrient, secondary element and micronutrient water-soluble fertilizers. Instead of registering with the MoARA in the past, enterprises only need to complete the online filing formality by submitting quality indicators, while these updates can provide an important reference for such process.

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