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China ICAMA Consults on 3 Guidelines on Agrochemical Testing Required for Pesticide Registration

On 21 Nov 2014, China ICAMA issued a notice opening 3 draft guidelines for agrochemical testing to public comment. The 3 guidelines were drafted by ICAMA and are open for public comment until 30 November:

Test Guidance on the Full Analysis of Technical Materials - This guidance provides the basic content, test method and requirements for the final report, which will be applicable for the full tests and analysis of technical materials for pesticide registration;

Guidelines on validation of analytical method for active ingredients -The guidelines provide the validation of analytical method for active ingredients, stabilizers and impurities in pesticide technical materials and the active ingredient, stabilizers, synergists and relevant impurities in formulated products, which will be applicable for the test method description and method validation;

Guidance on the Determination of Physico-Chemical Properties for Pesticide-The Guidance consists of 36 parts and provides the test method, test report requirements for physico-chemical tests of technical material and formulated products, which will also be applicable for pesticide registration;

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ICAMA's News Release(in Chinese)

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