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China ICAMA Suspends Pesticide Trial Application and Temporary Registration

China will suspend pesticide trial application and temporary registration as part of China’s overall plan to renew pesticide regulations, safeguard the environment and improve the safety of edible agricultural products.

On 26 May 2017, China ICAMA announced the suspension of acceptance and approval of pesticide field trial and temporary registration starting from 1 June 2017. Companies engaged in pesticide production, marketing and testing institutions may continue their operation activities prior to the effectiveness of supporting rules for the new pesticide regulation, “Regulation on the Administration of Pesticides (Decree 677)”:

  • ICAMA informed provincial departments to terminate the acceptance and approval of new application for field trial, temporary registration and repacking registration, as well as related renewal applications starting from 1 June 2017;

  • MoA accredited testing institutions for pesticide registration may continue study activities prior to the effectiveness of “Administrative Measures for the Experimentation of Pesticide Registration”

  • Pesticide production enterprises that possess the production license/manufacturing approval may continue production prior to the effectiveness of “Administrative Measure for the Production of Pesticides”;

  • Existing marketing enterprises may continue marketing activities prior to the effectiveness of “Administrative Measures for the Marketing of Pesticide”;

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