China Released Supplement Pesticide MRLs for 43 Pesticides(GB2763-2018.1)

On 24 Dec 2018, China ICAMA released the full version of GB2763-2018.1(Maximum Residue Limits for 43 Pesticides in Foods) and other 8 testing methods, which were earlier announced by NHC, MoARA and SAMR on 22 Jun 2018. As a supplement to the national MRL regulation, GB2763-2018.1 will be concurrently enforced with the GB2763-2016:

In GB2763-2018.1, most of MRLs (37 pesticides) are for animal source foods such as mammal meat, poultry meat, haslet, poultry fat, fresh eggs and raw milk:
pyraclostrobin, isopyrazam, propiconazole, prothioconazole, profenofos, glufosinate ammonium, tebufenozide, diflubenzuron, diquat, dichlorvos, fenpropimorph, carbosulfan, acetamiprid, boscalid, chlorpyrifos, carbendazim, spinosad, famoxadone, diphenylamine, diazinon, dinotefuran, flubendiamide, fluopicolide, fipronil, sulfoxaflor, flusilazole, cyfluthrin, beta-cyfluthrin, emamectin benzoate, methamidophos, phorate, chlorpyrifos methyl, pirimiphos-methyl, carbaryl, carbofuran, quinoxyfen and dimethoate.

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