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A Comprehensive Guide to Authorizing Pesticide Registration Data in China

If you’re registering pesticide products in China, you may find the cost is high and the test cycle is long. However, authorizing pesticide product registration data can help share costs and shorten the cycle.

Currently, registering pesticide products in China can be costly and time-consuming due to regulations such as the Regulations on Pesticide AdministrationMeasures for the Administration of Pesticide Registration, and Requirements for Pesticide Registration Data. To help mitigate these challenges, authorizing pesticide product registration data can provide a more cost-effective and efficient solution.

In this article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide to the various factors to consider when authorizing pesticide product registration data in China.

Conditions for Authorization

According to the Measures for the Administration of Pesticide Registration, the authorization of the registration data shall meet the following conditions:

  1. 1. the authorizer independently owns the complete registration data, and

  2. the products are new pesticides* registered in accordance with the Requirements for Pesticide Registration Data during the 6-year protection period of new pesticides, or products registered in accordance with the requirements for new pesticide data during the 6 years protection period of new pesticides.

*New pesticides in China refer to pesticides containing active ingredients that have not been approved in China, including new pesticide technical materials (TC)/technical concentration (TK) and new pesticide formulations.

Requirements for Authorizers

To authorize registration data in China, the authorizer must be a new pesticide developer, a Chinese enterprise that has obtained a pesticide registration certificate, or a global enterprise outside China that has obtained a pesticide registration certificate. The authorizer must independently own the complete registration data, and the registration certificate must be valid. It’s worth noting that the registration data of products without a valid pesticide registration certificate or with an expired certificate cannot be authorized.

It’s important to mention that the authorizer retains ownership of the pesticide product registration certificate even after authorizing other companies to use its pesticide registration data. This is in contrast to the transfer of pesticide registration data.

The authorized data must adhere to the new Requirements for Pesticide Registration Data and must be independently completed and owned by the authorizer. The authorized data can only be authorized in full and not partially. It’s possible to authorize the data to multiple companies.

Requirements for Authorized Parties

After obtaining the registration certificate using the authorization data, the authorized party is not allowed to authorize other companies to use the registration data. Additionally, authorized products don’t include products that have completed the 6-year protection period of new pesticides. Even if tests have been completed and registrations have been obtained for such products, other companies can still apply for registration for the same products (me-too) without applying for data authorization after the 6-year protection period.

When applying for registration with the authorization materials, the original authorization letter signed by the legal representative of the authorized and stamped with the official seal, as well as the copy of the authorization materials, shall also be provided.

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