South Korea Releases Biocide Risk Assessing Software BRAMS

South Korea Releases Biocide Risk Assessing Software BRAMSOn April 1, 2021, the South Korean National Institute of Environmental Research (NIER) released the Biocide Risk Assessment System (BRAMS), a developed program help preparing exposure and risk information of biocide. After inputting the basic information of a biocidal product, BRAMS can perform the exposure and risk assessment in humans and the environment in a step-by-step manner. Besides, the system can generate a summary report on the assessment results for each product.

The necessity of health or risk assessment is complexly depending on product type, users, occupation role, use site, target organism and formulation type. The BRAMS user manual integrates these determinants into separate tables called the “Criteria for the classification of human and environmental risk assessment of biocidal products”, which is subject to revision in the future, and accordingly, BRAMS will be updated continuously.

Meanwhile, NIER compiled a guidebook on the exposure evaluation method for disinfectants and pest control products, which offers reference data on the exposure algorithm according to the use type, exposure coefficients for different user groups.


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