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US EPA to Register Nippon Soda’s Novel Ipflufenoquin Fungicide

US EPA to Register Nippon Soda’s Novel Ipflufenoquin FungicideThe US EPA initiated a 15-day public consultation on the registration of Ipflufenoquin, a new quinonline fungicide developed by Nippon Soda for broad-spectrum disease control against a variety of fungal diseases including Botrytis, Sclerotinia, Colletotrichum, scab, blast, and powdery mildew on pome fruit (Crop Group 11-10) and almonds.

Nippon Soda proposed one technical product and a suspension concentrate (SC) in one single-active-ingredient end-use formulation (KINOPROL 20SC).

Application methods include aerial, airblast, ground, chemigation, and hand-held equipment. Application rates for almonds are a maximum of 0.065 lb/a.i./A (pounds of active ingredient per acre) per application and 0.195 lb a.i./A per year. For pome fruit, maximum application rates are 0.04 lb a.i./A per application and 0.12 lb a.i./A per year. The minimum retreatment interval is 7 days.

EPA concludes that the use of Ipflufenoquin as a foliar fungicide on pome fruit crop group 11-10 and almonds will not cause unreasonable adverse effects on the environment and meets the criteria for unconditional registration under FIFRA, but a 4-hour reentry interval and PPE should be required to protect agricultural workers.


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