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Overview of the Trend in China’s Pesticide Registration in 2020

As of December 31, 2020, 41885 pesticides of 714 active ingredients have been registered in China, consisting of 39299 agricultural pesticides and 2576 public health pesticides. Since 2013, the number of pesticides newly registered each year has grown by an average rate of 5%. As China introduced new data requirements in 2018, the number of pesticides newly approved plumbed a new depth of only 205 in 2019. Although 805 pesticides were approved in 2020, the number is still far below the level years ago. Apart from the elevated registration requirements, the increasing M&A events and elimination of SMEs lead by industrial consolidation and environmental rectification is another cause of the decreasing number, which will be a chronic condition and beneficial to China’s “quantity reduction and efficiency increasing” towards pesticide use.

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