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  • Ebook43:English Translation of the
    Ebook43:English Translation of the "Regulations on Administration of Agricultural Genetically Modified Organisms Safety"
    May 16, 2014
    The Regulation was adopted at the 38th Executive Meeting of the State Council on May 9, 2001, promulgated by Decree No. 304 of the State Council of the People's Republic of China of 2001 on May 23, 2001, and effective as of the date of promulgation. It was formulated to strengthen the administration of agricultural genetically modified organisms. The activities of research, experiment, production, processing, marketing, import and export with respect to agricultural genetically modified organisms within the territory of the People's Republic of China must conform to these Regulations.
  • Ebook 35: 2013 Pesticide Regulatory Progress in China
    Ebook 35: 2013 Pesticide Regulatory Progress in China
    Jan 28, 2014
    This eBook provides a retrospect of China’s regulatory progress in the past year and analyzes the impact on China pesticide industries, as well as forecast of its future legislative development. As the largest agrochemical manufacturer and a major market worldwide, China’s new pesticide regulations and regulatory trend will undoubtedly have profound implications on the global crop protection industry.
  • Ebook22: GB 2763-2012 National food safety standard-Maximum residue limits for pesticides in food
    Ebook22: GB 2763-2012 National food safety standard-Maximum residue limits for pesticides in food
    Jul 01, 2013
    The GB 2763-2012 , which was issued under the Joint Announcement 22 of MOA and MOH, has come into force on Mar 1 2013. The compulsory standard contains 2293 MRLs for 322 pesticides in 10 categories of food commodities. Vegetables are subject to with the most MRLs, followed by fruits, cereals and cereal products, oil plants and oil products, sugar crops, beverages and edible fungus. Compared with other previous standards, it revised some terms and definitions, crops/food classification, MRLs of some active ingredients. Some test methods and MRLs for some active ingredients have been newly introduced into this Standard.
  • Ebook20: China Pesticide Regulation:
    Ebook20: China Pesticide Regulation:"Data Requirements on Pesticide Registration"-Order 10 of MoA
    Jun 09, 2013
    The “Data requirements on Pesticide Registration” was formulated under the “Regulations on Pesticide Administration” and the “Measure on the Implementation of the Regulations on Pesticide Management. It is to regulate the practical operation of pesticide registration”. The pesticide products which domestically produced, processed, repacked in China and imported from overseas should be registered to the MoA according to the Data requirements. The registration of new active ingredients and new formulated products should go through the procedures of field trial, temporary registration and full registration. This document specified the types, data required and product samples for pesticide registration. The applicant should obtain the pesticide registration by providing authentic and valid dossier.This regulation has been revoked since the implementation of China's new pesticide regulation, the"MoA Announcement 2569-Data Requirements on Pesticide Registration". Please click below link to visit our new page for more infomation:English Translation of China MoA Annoucement 2569 Data Requirements on Pesticide Registration
  • Ebook19: China Pesticide Regulation-
    Ebook19: China Pesticide Regulation-" Regulations on Pesticide Administration"
    Jun 08, 2013
    The regulation which took effect on Nov 29 2001 was promulgated to supervise and control the production, marketing and utilization of pesticides. The Production, marketing and utilization of pesticide within the territory of China are subject to these Regulations.
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