Brazil MAPA Registered 39 Generic Formulated Pesticides

Brazil MAPA Registered 39 Generic Formulated PesticidesOn April 13, 2021, the Brazilian Ministry of Agricultural, Livestock and Supply announced the registration of 39 formulated pesticides, of which 14 are categorized as low-impact pesticides.

All pesticides approved contain active ingredients previously registered in the country. MAPA officials acknowledged their importance of decreasing market centralization and production costs for Brazilian farmers:

4 of them are microbial pesticides containing Beauveria bassiana, Bacillus thuringiensis, Bacillus velezensis, Bacillus subtilis;

5 insect hormones or virus;

5 pesticides based on Terra Diatomácea, Beauveria bassiana, Bacillus and  Baculovirus are approved for organic agriculture.;

9 pesticides based on Mancozeb and Difenoconazole are registered on at least one minor crop(Crops with insufficient phytosanitary support that have few products registered for pest control)

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MAPA Announcement( in Portugal)

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