China Renews 3 Agricultural Standards for Fertilizer Registration

China Renews 3 Agricultural Standards for Fertilizer RegistrationOn 23 Mar 2018, China MoARR (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs) issued Announcement 2656 to promulgate 68 agriculture standards to be enacted on 1 Jun 2018, of which 3 are technical guidance for fertilizer registration.
“NY 1979-2010 Fertilizer registration-Tech-regulations of fertilizer labels” and “NY 1980-2010 Fertilizer registration-determination and evaluation of acute oral toxicity” were widely adopted for fertilizer registration management. In this updates, they are respectively renamed as “NYT 1979-2018 Fertilizer and Soil Amendment- Requirements on Labeling and Declarable Nutrient Content” and “NYT 1982-2018 fertilizer and Soil Amendment – Testing of Acute Oral Toxicity and Evaluation Criteria” and the enforceability has been downgraded from mandatory to voluntary.
 “NYT 3181-2018 Technical Regulation for the Efficacy Trial on Slow-Released Fertilizers” was published first. It defines the trial site selection, area, duration, number and type of control group, treatment, parameters, crop grouping, trial record, evaluation approach, statistical methods and reporting of trial, which helps registration applicants to conduct field trial either themselves or by entrusting 3rd party testing facilities. 

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AgroPedia: Overview of Fertilizer Registration in China


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