China will Have 10,000 Pesticide MRLs from September 3rd

China will Have 10,000 Pesticide MRLs From September 3rdOn March 5, 2021, Chine promulgated the national food safety standard, “GB 2763-2021 Maximum Residue Limits for Pesticides in Food”, which is due to take effect on September 3. According to MoARA, GB 2763-2021 consists of 10,092 MLRs for 564 pesticides in 376 food categories, which completed the goal of establishing 10,000 statutory pesticide MRLs by the end of 2020. The main features are as follows:

Compared to GB 2763-2019, 81 pesticides and 2985 MRLs were newly added, up 16.7% and 42% respectively, and reached almost twice the coverage of CAC (Codex Alimentarius Commission) standard;

792 MRLs for 29 prohibited pesticides and 345 MRLs for 20 restricted pesticides were specified;

A total of 5,766 MRLs were for fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables;

87 Pesticides used overseas but not yet registered in China have been developed with 1742 MRLs for imported commodities;

MoARA explained that all MRLs were developed after a comprehensive risk assessment based on local residual trials, dietary data of Chinese consumers, as well as toxicological data.4 standard for testing methods were published at the same time, an effective solution for the predicament of “MRLs established in China has no testing method to support the enforcement”.

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